Industriales de América S.A.S. works to provide products and services to meet the expectations of our consumers and customers, in aspects of quality, safety, food safety and innovation, thus achieving to be a recognized company that generates confidence in the market in which we operate nationally and internationally so we are committed to:

Comply with legal, regulatory and customer requirements, being a sustainable and profitable company, using inputs and methods of production, storage and distribution appropriate to ensure throughout the production chain, the preservation of product standards, food defense, quality and safety thus achieving to offer safe food to our customers and end consumers.

We work in the continuous improvement of processes, the prevention of events that may affect the safety and health of people, quality, safety, food safety of the product, the environment, counting for it with qualified personnel through continuous training and knowledge management.


By 2027 we expect to be a strategic ally for our customers for the excellent service provided, for our commitment to food safety of the products we produce, our high standards of quality and safety in all our manufacturing processes.


To become a productive ally of the sector in which we operate, providing products and services that meet the needs of customers in terms of quality, safety, food safety and innovation.comply with legal requirements, regulations and all stakeholders of the company.be a profitable and sustainable company in time.control food safety and food defense throughout the value chain of Industriales de América. Be in trend with the market, aligning Innovation operations with Food Codex requirements (New Products and / or Effective Services Developed)Continuous training and knowledge management management in all areas of the company to have qualified personnel.Employ inputs and methods of production, storage and distribution adequate to ensure throughout the value chain the preservation of product standards, food safety and safety.

Date of update: January 2020 , Version 02

Revision Date: January 2022