We are a team of dreamers and entrepreneurs passionate about creating new and better forms of consumption. We work with our hearts every day to develop food solutions and dietary supplements that exceed consumer expectations. We love being part of new projects and we put our soul, ingenuity, all our support and commitment to achieve the success of our clients.


We hope to be a strategic ally for our clients due to the excellent service provided and the high standards of quality, safety and innovation that we handle in our manufacturing processes.


Develop, produce and market with high standards of quality and safety food products and dietary supplements, packaging and maquila services that meet the changing needs of our customers nationally and internationally.


Blessed to bless

As part of our commitment to improve our present and future environment, we have internally structured the Blessing America initiative through which we try to bless our community by making a social contribution in the construction of solid foundations in pillars as important as education and construction. of values within youth.

At Blessing America we support the work of young people who from the educational centers of our country work on the construction of values, forming in them spirituality, character and skills to produce a social and cultural transformation.

Likewise, we contribute our grain of sand in initiatives that promote study and school reinforcement in vulnerable and low-income populations.

We are sure that a youth with values and education will be able to have powerful weapons to face the present and build a more just and responsible future for all.


Creativity and Innovation

We identify the needs of the market and our clients to create tailored solutions.

Accompaniment and Service

We become strategic partners of our clients.


We deliver on our promise to sell.


We build an honest, trustworthy and long-term relationship with our clients and environment.


We are committed to the continuous improvement of each of our processes, products and services.


Industriales de América S.A.S. works in the Development and elaboration of food products and dietary supplements in various presentations, to satisfy the expectations of our consumers and clients, in aspects of quality and safety, for which we are committed to:

  • Comply with the legal, regulatory and customer requirements, being a sustainable and profitable company over time, for which we use inputs and adequate production, storage and distribution methods to guarantee throughout the production chain, the preservation of product standards and safety.
  • We work on the continuous improvement of processes and the prevention of events that may affect the safety and health of people, the quality and safety of the product and the environment, counting on the appropriate personnel through the Management of the Knowledge.



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